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Partnership Programs

Partnership Programs

We are always ready to expand our horizon and thrilled to build new partnerships with multiple companies across the globe. We believe that “the more, the merrier” is the new approach for improving business efficiency.

Business Correspondent

Business correspondents are accountable for handling receipt and delivery of small value remittances/ other payment instruments. They are responsible for disbursing small loans like entrepreneurial loans, agricultural loans, group loans, etc. depending on the partner banks guidelines.

Business correspondents execute the task of collecting and handling preliminary processing of various forms for deposits that involves verification of primary information/ data.

Healthcare Training Provider

Healthcare Providers – This course is for individuals who are in the healthcare industry or working toward a healthcare degree or certification.

Training Provider – Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). One way the organization attempts to achieve these goals is by organizing a variety of training courses for healthcare professionals at different locations throughout around the world.

Media correspondent

Media correspondents research, investigate, interpret and communicate news and public affairs through newspapers, television, radio and other media. They are the face known to the public. A correspondent or on-the-scene reporter is usually a journalist or commentator for a magazine, or an agent who contributes reports to a newspaper, or radio or television news, or another type of company, from a remote, often distant, location. A foreign correspondent is stationed in a foreign country. The term “correspondent” refers to the original practice of filing news reports via postal letter.

Associate Partner

Associate Partner. In most instances, an associate partner will be different from a general partner. An associate partner may be an equity or a non-equity partner and may take part in the management of the company, or he may not, depending on how you structure the partnership.

As an Associate Partner, you can increase the value-added services you recommend to customers and deepen customer relationships.

Objective of Partnership

A huge and growing community of learners be they fresh graduates, postgraduates, working professionals, or anyone interested in upgrading their knowledge and skillsets is constantly in search of educational courses and programs that address and incorporate contemporary learning that will enhance their Employability Quotient and/or enhance career growth. With a vision to explore and exploit the huge potential of the knowledge economy, Timeproof seeks to partner like-minded entrepreneurs and leverage synergies for mutual growth and development.

Business Partnership Process

Contact IWAYS Representative/Fill and submit Business Partnership Form on website iways panel will invite you for a discussion and evaluation. Post the discussion, survey and inspection of proposed premises. Detailed business plan and viability & sustainability study by IWAYS team.

Upon mutual acceptance, proceed with official agreement and requisite documentation.